Love, money, and social media with Giusy Amoroso

Love, money, and social media with Giusy Amoroso

Provocative, ironic, and technically sound, 3D illustrator and visual artist Giusy Amoroso’s colorful reflections on daily life equivocally reflect the immediacy of 3D design. Working within certain thematics such a love, money, and social media, Giusy has specified her artwork around these conceptual themes which, like the medium, have taken on alternate realities in their online and digital forms.  


With an implicit interest in using 3D rendering and design to explore social and theoretical ideas, Giusy’s aesthetic choices reinforce what she identifies as a “separation of the real from reality.”

Through her use of a specific visual language which emphasizes irony, social media references, screens as motif, abstract colors, and compositional isolation, Giusy concisely illustrates the inherent tension between virtual and physical spaces.

“We are all living in a virtual reality,” says Giusy, “And I think it would be very good if everybody had the possibility to choose a different reality…to interact and connect yourself to a virtual reality, through parallel worlds.”

Conscious of the increasing mediation of daily life by digital screens, Giusy's work conflates the boundaries between what is real, what is now, and how to visualize the in-between.


July 20, 2017. Interview by Audrey Molloy. Edited by Audrey Molloy and Devon Ko.